A New Name, A New Site

We are excited to announce that B Entertainment has changed to Sikora Entertainment.  Over the many years, we’ve been working hard to deliver quality, original content to you and our original name actually originated back when William Sikora was twelve years old and wanted to name his company for his home videos, the “B” stood for Billy (his name as a kid.)  It has been many years since that day and since our move to Los Angeles, we have really exploded onto the entertainment scene.

At the same time, we were thinking of a new name for our company.  We thought of many, many, many different names but nothing really stuck.  After a few people confirmed that SIKORA would be a perfect name, we actually put that on top of the list.   It was not easy deciding but now with the new logo and vision, we are excited to finally unveil the name.  It is unique, strong, and we believe it represents us in full.  So, with that, welcome to SIKORA ENTERTAINMENT!

The new site was designed from the ground up to celebrate the new vision of the company, we hope it is easy for you navigate and access wherever you are!

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